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Boltless Free Shelving

bolt free shelving by Allied Power Technical Services LLC

Easy storage space accessing with the boltless shelving

Boltless shelving systems are employed in commercial, industrial and healthcare, or even for housing spaces. The key advantage of boltless shelving is it’s quite simple to collect, which helps to cut downtime, and does not need any tools, bolts, screws, or pins.

Bolt free shelving also belongs to as fastener shelving, rivet rack, and frame shelving. It can amass tons of pounds for each shelf and is handy from all four sides. There are numerous shelving alternatives those comprise element board, firm metal, and wire decking. This is based on its cost-effective price and easy to install, along with boltless shelving can assist you save time and money and augment output.

These three advantages will show that boltless shelving is a great advantage


Boltless free shelving can be tailored to install any warehouse space. There are lots of options available is wire mesh decking that augments visibility, and offers a clogged shelf.  Other decking options comprise particle board, wire strident, melamine and metal shelves. There are also possible accessories. Shelving can be operated in a system that can regulate to every warehouse effortlessly.


Many Boltless free shelving is quite accessible from all sides. No bend braces are necessary, it means even all four sides are unbolt and there is easy to access to all stored items. The four steel rays will prevent the structure from influential.


Boltless shelving parts are generally built from steel. This enables them to be highly powerful and sturdy in terms of providing most favourable support when dealing with large products. Boltless steel shelving components can grasp from around 500 pounds to 2,000 pounds per shelf. One choice for a high-capacity storage space that is a hard-wearing, long span shelving constitution. This offers endless spans of up to eight feet and is an easy and cost-effective solution.

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