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Rack installation in Dubai

Allied Power Technical Services offers a large variety of storage solutions for Heavy Duty and Medium Duty material.

We have managed to excel in providing the best storage solutions at competitive price.

We have a wide variety of Racking systems that can help to accomodate large pallets,

Cartons, Pipes to Medium / Small sized boxes.

Racking In Ras Al Khaimah to store all kinds of items easily


Making a well-organized storage system is one of the most important works in warehouse management. If unbeaten, this will not just enhance the warehouse’s storage capability, which could indicate more profits, but it will also enhance employees’ safety and output, which leads to less downtime charge.

With the advanced technology today, creating a warehouse storage system has never been easier. There are lots of options to select from, as well, each having clear advantages and disadvantages. Of these preferences, what can be seen in most contemporary warehouses is pallet racking, a storage system that comprises steel uprights, beams, braces and decking accumulated specifically for storing palletised goods.

It’s not astounding how Racking In Ras Al Khaimah have fast increased popularity over the years and become the storage solution of option for most warehouses are in all over the world. The massive amount of warehousing problems it assists address have had warehouse owners with conventional storage systems make the move. In particular, here are some of the benefits of pallet racking systems they are enjoying.

Uses Vertical Space

One of the major options in warehousing is trying to fit the whole thing in the inventory into a warehouse that has in fact reached its limits. One instant solution is to use as much space for function as possible for storage space. Unluckily, this will only lead to a cycle of issues, plus loss of access to products by forklift and potential accidents related to insufficient space for movement when accessing products.

What many warehouse owners and managers are skipping out on is the plentiful amount of straight up space lying idle. A pallet racking system can be designed maximizing to use this space and augment your storage efficiency and thickness. You don’t have to make any hazardous changes to your original storage system layout only to meet your increasing storage requirements.

Different Types to Meet Different Storage Requirements.

Product comes in different forms and sizes, each of which has a unique storage need. Some are too long or too big to fit in a standard-sized pallet, whereas others are too delicate to be forced a number of positions deep or levels high. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of types of pallet racking system that you can opt from.

Depending on your particular storage requirements, you can opt for among drive-in rack, choosy rack, pushback rack, and carton flow rack settings. Not only will the accurate device assist to enhance storage and delivery but it can also assist to make sure the safety of your products. Moreover, many new pallet racking system designs have accounted for pickup truck impact, making them harder and less prone to fall down.

Sufficient Routing Space for Vehicles.

Because a big deal of the horizontal space in your warehouse has already been counteracting by the vertical space, you have sufficient amount of space for pathways for both workers and vehicles. One diverse benefit of setting up a pallet racking system is getting to have enough direction-finding space for forklifts. You can now let your forklifts more liberty to access far-away corners of your warehouse floor without getting stuck on dead trimmings.

Best Opportunity for Customisation.

One of the important things that set pallet racking despite conventional warehouse storage systems is its layout tractability. It can be tailored to meet extremely specific storage needs. Modules and conveyors can even be included to create storage much more efficient. For example, with this added device to the supposed stationary pallet racking structure, goods can be taken in and out of the warehouse for delivery and storage even without using forklifts. This as a result decreases downtime or delays led by the shortfalls of fork lifting, which leads to more efficient order execution.

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