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Cantilever Racking


Using cantilever racking provides abundant storage space for goods

Cantilever racking system is a perfect system for gathering different kinds of item and materials that sometimes got the wrong impression in terms of usage and design. Mainly built for longer, thinner items, cantilever racks offer lots of great benefits and uses that day-to-day shelving is tough to offer. If you’re marvelling if cantilever racks are suitable for your service, here are some different processes to make use of them and the advantages they offer:

Storing Hard-to-Shelve Items

The pattern of cantilever shelving enables for the storage space of longer, narrow items such as steel racks, long pieces of shamble or though packed furniture. However, these pieces have usually proved knotty and weighty to store by making use of conventional shelving and rack systems, the open design and complete extent of cantilever racks is ideal for any large, thin items you require kept off the floor.

Easy Access and Flexibility

The cantilever rack system comprises two miniature racks that come one side of a extensive i-beam with nothing straight above and no conventional ‘shelf’ to mention. This stunning design enables quite easy access, particularly on the higher shelves with forklifts or same equipment. Moreover, the design enables very specific item position and recovery; it means you can maintain more SKUs and particular items on cantilever racks without concerning about them hidden behind other pallets of goods you don’t require right away.

Money and Time Saving

Cantilever racks can assist to save time and money as well as helps to get things done fast and quickly always. The design enables for easiest item storage and handling, allowing employees to find parts they want rapidly or even load them on the shelves quite easily than with other types of racks. The augmented storage space they pay for both depth- and length-wise, also enables for more cost-effective space use by release up space in other spaces and enabling for in-depth storage to stock-up enough items.

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