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Drive in Racking

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High density storage system with drive in racking

Drive in racking is preferably suitable to stock up massive amounts of the same products. It is quite well-matched for cold space and freezer storage or any other kind of storage where the charge per square metre is quite enough. This drive in pallet racking counteracts the need for passageway meaning that all of the high-priced floor space in your temperature controlled storage space that is being used for good storage.

Benefits of Drive in Racking

High Density Storage

A great benefit of utilizing a drive in pallet racking system provides massive storage space. Drive in pallet racking is a high intensity racking system that can be customized for your space to augment storage capacity. Along with, forklifts can run into the system to load and unload pallets, reducing the requirements for passageways. This shows that you can amass enough pallets in a drive in racking system than a choosy pallet racking system of the similar dimension.

Right For Unusual Spaces

Drive in pallet racking enables you to use every space in your warehouse. Whether you have a limited space where a pallet racking system with passageways cannot be fixed with a long vacant walkway where a benchmark racking system would not be proper. Drive in racking needs front entrance to only one side of the system and can be utilized to augment the storage space of a before unusable space.

Product Safety

Another advantage of drive in pallet racking is extra product safety. As only a part of the pallets are handy from the frontage of the system, the left over pallets are amassed behind them. This offers additional safety for the pallets in the system as they are not showing to prospective damage that is caused by universal warehouse operations such as forklift clashes.

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