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What are the Advantages of the Gypsum Board?

The most common name for all panel products is Gypsum Partitons. They get primarily made of gypsum with a non-combustible core and paper surfacing on the face, back, and long edges. Gypsum cores get found in almost all gypsum panel products. They may also come into contact with a variety of materials, such as paper and fibreglass mats.

Drywall, plasterboard, and gypsum wallboard are all terms used to describe the gypsum board system. Other types of panelling materials, such as fiberboard, hardwood, and plywood, are entirely different from gypsum board panels. Where fire resistance is required, gypsum board is more popular due to its non-combustible core and paper facers.

Advantages of Gypsum Board:

Installing gypsum board panels on walls or ceilings can provide several notable benefits:

1. Versatility-

  • Due to primary qualities such as performance, availability, ease of application, repair, and adaptability in all forms of decoration.

2. Ease of Installation

  • The installation of drywall or gypsum wallboard is much quicker and easier.

  • They come in lengths of 8, 10, or 12 feet and a width of 48 inches, making them the best choice for covering a large area of drywall or ceiling compared to other materials.

  • Knives or saws can be used to cut them. Because they can be attached with various fasteners such as nails, screws, and staples, only a few tools are required for installation.

  • Because gypsum board sheets are lightweight, they can adhere to a variety of surfaces with adhesive.

3. Fire Resistance

  • They are excellent fire-resistant building materials.

Their non-combustible core chemically combined water at a rate of around 21%, releasing steam when the temperature rises. As a result, where fire resistance classification is required, it is the most commonly used interior finish.

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