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Get Terrific Adherence With The Epoxy Screeding Service Dubai

Screeding is levelling the upper coating of a material that is dispensed, such as high rock-hard epoxy, thus the material is the similar elevation as the ways, or guides, that enclose it. This is used on rough surface to make it smooth. When used on concrete surface, it provides high strength epoxy screed flooring, able to endure tremendously high loading, wear & chemicals opposition. Screeding by Epoxy Screeding service Dubai is usually installed on floors where time is a huge limitation and cement repair are not feasible. But it has some disadvantages that it cannot be done on damp surface unlike cement. Thus for better result the surface should be completely dry before its application. Screeding can be implemented in different thicknesses ranges from 1mm to 15mm depending on floor conditions.

Features of Screeding :

· Exceptional sticking to concrete.

· Quick & easy to use.

· High Resistance to Abrasion & Impact.

· Choice of width.

· Smooth Levelling of floor.

· High Resistance to Acids, Alkalis & Solvents.

· Approved IS Standards.

Hard-Wearing Epoxy Screed

A professionally used, Epoxy Screeding service Dubai floor tough blends outstand wear and tear properties with chemical opposition. Preferably matched in areas where maximum hygiene is indispensable. Clean rooms, heavy equipment industry, chemical industries and universal light industry are just some of the surroundings that can advantage from this system.

Epoxy Modified Cementations Floor Screed

A professionally used, self-levelling, epoxy customized cementations floor screed finish merging exceptional wearing properties with ornamental properties and chemical resistance. Preferably suitable in areas where a flawless, joint free finishing is necessary and utmost cleanliness is necessary. When over coated with Epoxy coating including ARDEX ENDURA R 35 CE Solvent Free High Build Epoxy Coating, the chemical opposition properties are improved. It is also well-matched for the spaces where maximum hygiene is necessary.

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