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How Heavy Duty Rack helps to put the items easily?

Features of heavy-duty racks:

1. Heavy Duty Racking shelving can efficiently enhance the storage altitude of warehouses and augments the space use rate of warehouses. This is best for all types of goods.

2, Heavy-duty shelves can also be well-designed with laminates, which can be made of steel plates, melamine plates or grille mesh. It is used as trays of different sizes.

3, Heavy-duty shelf cost is very cost-effective, easy to install and run, easy to find the location, best for any handling equipment, it is the most popularly used system Heavy Duty Storage Shelves

4. The heavy-duty rack's structure is very easy, secure and consistent, and can be accustomed and attuned at will. The storage space and delivery is not limited by the order of items. Extensively used in storage system for pallet storage and forklift access.

5, Heavy-duty racks contour is more secure, to stop forklift collision can also enhance column foot guard, anti-collision bar. To make the coat load secure, it is also possible to set back-up structures such as beam shelves, laminates, and network span beams on the beam.

6. The altitude of the single-column column of the heavy-duty shelf can get to 12 meters. The smoothness of the pallet shelf is very big.

7. Heavy-duty shelves can come across the requirements of layer loading with the extent of the column and beam. It has the features of huge moment of inertia, powerful layer load power and strong crash resistance. The highest layer load of each layer can reach 5000kg/layer under virtual design. .

8. The pillar of the heavy-duty shelf is designed of bolts by columns, cross braces and slanting braces. The column part and the C-type welding beam are penetrated into a shelf frame, and are completely fixed by a secure pin, and the structure is easy and dependable. Each layer can be attuned freely up and down in steps of 75mm or 50mm.

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