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"Meet the best rack manufacturer in Dubai - Allied Power Technical Services LLC."

Allied Power Technical Services LLC is your most reliable storage solutions partner! Have you been searching for a way to organize your facility space or want to make full use of the area in your facility location, or looking for Racking Al Ain in general? Then you have reached at the right place. We have been one of the fastest-growing companies in the UAE since 2013.

Our services include storage solutions such as racking, shelving, gypsum partition, flooring, fabrication, etc. In simple terms, we deal with all types of activities related to civil, interiors, fabrication, electrical, consulting and all kinds of storage, racking or shelving supply and installation.

Organizing your warehouse or location facility can be a game-changer for your business. As you may ask, the answer is it helps you manage better and everything in place, which saves you time, money and makes your business run quicker without any hassle. In addition, it encourages better management and utilization of warehouse space to streamline the operations better.

Here are a few reasons we have listed regarding why you must choose us as your storage solutions partner?

● We are a leading manufacturer and distributor of storage solutions

● We offer a wide range of products for you to choose from

● We offer customized services to every client as every facility location is different

● We are a customer and quality-centric company

● We make assured to keep the prices of our products and services as affordable as possible

● We promise to deliver beyond your expectations every time

Moreover, Allied Power Technical Services LLC aims to pursue excellence, innovation and professionalism in every project that we undertake. Also, we get dedicated to providing our clients and partners with better products and services; we as a team are constantly searching for ways to improve our services.

For example, our racking systems are made of durable materials and are flexible according to your needs. You can have racking and shelving that can go horizontally or vertically. All you need to do is search up "Racking Ras Al Khaimah," and we would be the first one to pop up in your search.


Therefore, through our sheer dedication and hard work, we have managed to become the best rack manufacturer in Dubai, and there is no one in the market like us who treats their clients as their top priority. Therefore, we always look forward to getting to do business with you.

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