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Rackline shelving maximises space and efficiency in your stockroom.

Even if your store's 'backroom' is devoid of customer traffic, a stockroom is still an essential aspect of your retail location. If you're planning a renovation or just getting started, how you organize the Shelving Al Ain units in this area will pay off.

Using the correct type of shelving to organize stockroom items will allow you to store, position, and organize them so that they are easily accessible. In addition, the proper storage solutions for your business will also positively impact health and safety measures, as clearing your workspace will reduce risk factors and hazards.

A well-thought-out shelving system will also allow for quick and effective inventory management, which will only help your business run more smoothly.

Static Shelving

Static shelving systems are fitted into a fixed position and held to provide a permanent structure and stability in open storage environments with many items. Rackline static shelving systems are highly adaptable, with shelves that can be adjusted and interchanged as needed. Because our static shelving units have no protruding edges, items can be stored safely without snags or damage.

The following are some of the rackline options available to help you maximize your stockroom storage space:

  • Single skinned shelving – In these closed modular units, stock cannot migrate from bay to bay or become trapped behind upright posts.

  • Prospan Post Systems – a cost-effective alternative to traditional long-span installations with lengths ranging from 340mm to 1600mm wide and heights of up to 4500mm.

  • Widespan Shelving System – a 2.7-metre-long long-span shelving system with steel or chipboard shelves It is simple to adapt to two-tier or high bay installations.

  • Speedrax shelving system – enabling storage on longer bays and the option of double-sided storage without the use of a back-brace Hand-loaded, bulky items are ideal.

Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving takes up half the space of static Shelving Sharjah and can get customized to any size. The possibilities are limitless, depending on the material stored, the area it will be placed in, and the required picking rate.

  • Monotrak Mobile Shelving – operates on a single guide track directly attached to your existing floor, eliminating the need for extensive and potentially costly site work.

  • Multitrack Mobile Shelving – Mobile carriages up to 12 metres long and loads up to 15 tonnes per carriage can get moved quickly.


Allied Power Technical Services provides a wide range of Heavy Duty and Medium Duty storage solutions. We have excelled at providing the best storage solutions at a reasonable price.

Slotted Angle Shelving, Bolt Free Shelving, Mobile Shelving, Multi-Tier Shelving, Gandola System, and Display Shelves are just a few of the Shelving Abu Dhabi

options available.

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