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With The Medium Duty Racking Get Best Storage Spaces

Medium Duty Racking: it's an extremely flexible structural system that can be used in a broad array of lightweight racks, workbenches, tool carts, suspension systems, safety nets and support frames. The extent of the blown angle steel can be fast cut as per to the scale, stored, tailored and re-installed with screws, so that it can come across the requirements of careful planning and urgent situation use.

Medium-duty shelves: Medium Duty Rack comes with exceptional form, reasonable structure, handy assemblage and disassembly, no screws, strong and well-built, huge bearing capacity, extensively used in shopping malls, supermarkets, enterprise warehouses and institutions.

This racking system is made of best-quality cold-rolled steel plate by roll forming. The pillar can be up to 10 meters without joints halfway.

The beam is designed of high-quality square steel. The bearing capacity is huge and it is not easy to be buckled. The hanging portion between the beam and the column is a cylindrical projection. The association is consistent, easy to accumulate and disassemble, and the use of locking spikes to put off the crossbar from choosing when the forklift is working; the surface of all the shelves is done by preserving, phosphating electrostatic spraying, and more, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, and stunning appearance. This racking system is best for big warehouses.


· Long span storage

· Multitier racking

· Accessories for Medium Duty Racking System

Medium Duty Racking System is the best possible system for manually stocking small to medium size products. This product is all-round, specified its flexibility to any type of unit load; selective, as it lets quick access to all unit loads and/or references stored; and dynamic, as it is easily stored and/or disassembled, and units are also easily changed and/or added. The wide-ranging of accessories and possible system configurations allow it to be tailored to any type of goods.

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