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Shuttle Racking

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Shuttle racking best for loading and unloading goods

Shuttle racking offers plenty of benefits and ranging all through the performance throughout proper filling and vacating of a pallet channel, to rust-free storage and recovery of pallets along with best possible space use thanks to a small rack booth height.

Perfect for regular loading and unloading

It is a best solution for warehouses with a huge number of pallets each storage unit, where loading and unloading functions are very common. 

A tablet-controlled Pallet Shuttle system

The Pallet Shuttle is a build up storage method in which unique self-directed vehicles are utilized to organize pallets in the rack space in spite of traditional forklift trucks. They shift without a machinist. Because the forklift truck doesn’t need to access into the passageways, the warehouse reaps in intensity and therefore in capacity. However, this considerably decreases the service time, though; it brings the likelihood of assembling the articles as per to channels in spite of complete passageways.

A warehouse employee makes use of a tablet to provide orders to a Pallet Shuttle, which are broadcasted all over a Wi-Fi network. The orders refer to setting the pallet reverse in place or dragging it out.

A pallet axis part, increased at the access and door of the channel, improves the place of the pallet that makes sure secure storage of goods. Gets into the channels throughout operation is guarded by a security scanner.

The Pallet Shuttle system as a result augments the handling and reduces the hazard of damage to racks and amasses goods.

Among the major benefits, the system providers list the following:

  • Augmented variety (several types of product can be stored in each passageway),

  • Enhanced efficiency (increasing speed of the flow of incoming and outgoing goods),

  • Vast storage space (storage at lowest point of up to 40 m),

  • Less collisions,

  • Abridged operation (the operator controls the Pallet Shuttle utilities with a tablet).

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